Conveyor Systems
Jigs / Fixtures / Gages
Rails and Pins

                                                                             As a Tool Supplier and Systems Integrator,
Patriot Tool Inc. Designs and Builds tooling
for the Automation Manufacturers.                                      

From Single Stand Alone Equipment to Robotic Cells and Fully Automatic Transfer Lines to Complete Turnkey Systems. Patriot Tool Inc. can handle any job!                                                                        


Handling Robot, Manufactured with a slide escapement fixture, designed to increase production thru-put. Another example of the innovative design and manufacture accomplished by Patriot Tool Inc.


for  Economic, Efficient and
Space Saving/ Storage Delivery System
to accommodate any Dunnage


Three Stage Resistance Welder, Projection Nut Welder, Designed and Built by Patriot Tool Inc. to increase Quality of projection nut welding locations and fail safe detection of weld nuts, as a result, increased productivity and decreased non-conformance.

Resistance Welder, Floor Support Cross-Member, Designed and Built by Patriot Tool Inc. to allow our Customer to re-define current process.

Press Centering Device for the Coil Press Line,
Designed and Built by Patriot Tool Inc