Conveyor Systems
Jigs / Fixtures / Gages
Rails and Pins

Radial Drilling, Material Turning and Surfacing.  From the Smallest to the Largest, from simple to intricate detailing, Patriot Tool Inc. can accomplish your machining needs.


Acrylic Atomizer, Used in the Plating Industry,
Machined on VMC to .0005 tolerance

CNC Machined Castings and Forgings,
Machining of all Critical Surfaces.                  

Custom Threading, any size, Length, Internal,
External, English or Metric.

Impeller Shaft,
used within Antique Super Chargers,
1930-40's Auburn and Cord Automobiles.

Grinding Arbor,
used with small Diamond Cutoff Wheels,
Tolerances of.0005 held on a CNC Lathe.

Stud Welding Chucks,
an assortment of sizes and applications. 
Bar Fed Blanks on CNC Lathes
and Milled on VMC.

Copper Welding Electrode Tip Holder,
used in making Automotive Production parts.

Diamond Dresser for Grinding,
used by the Grinding Industry,
manually machined on a Bridgeport.            

Optical Cutters,
for Diamond Tool Industry,
used to Cut and Shape Glass, Marble,
Granite and more,
Machined to .0005 Tolerance.

Precision Spindle Housing for Grinding Machine,
Tolerances held at .0002-.002,
machined on VMC

Cam Grinding Shaft,
Diamond Coated,
used to Grind Automotive Cam Shafts,
Tolerance of .0005 held on CNC Lathe.              

Clutchless Shifting Slider, Designed  for Racing
Transmissions,  Tolerances of .002 held on a
CNC Lathe and VMC.